3 File Sharing Apps For Mobile Tips & Tricks

Top 3 File Sharing Apps For Mobile Phones

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If you have some data and want to send it to another person through sharing then here I am with 4 apps that really help you a lot. 

Why use sharings apps for mobile?

There are many reasons like if you want to share files then Bluetooth is too slow in this situation you can use these 4 apps to send files. These 4 apps are safe and secure also the speed is mind-blowing you send any file at any time with these apps let’s dig it.

1. Zapya

Zapya is a mind-blowing app with the rate in play store and apple store this app is uniquely designed and very old. I use this when I shared files for the first time. This app is available on every store you can simply download this to share files without any tension it is free and fast.

2. Share it

I use to share it when I heard the rumors about Zapya that Zapya harms mobile. Then I use the share it but rumors about Zapya were wrong. This app is also available on the play store and apple store you can download this and start sharing files with your friends. I know this app needed some permissions like




After allowing these permissions you can use it.

3. Xender

This app is wonderful for sharing I think you try this once on your mobile it will give you a good response. According to me, it is a small size app that is fast neat, and clean. Fast as share it and Zapya secure and safe. This app rating is also high and this is recommended in some mobile phones already. You can download it from the play store start sharing.

These are my top 3 files sharing apps for mobile. Hope you like this article tell me your favorite sharing app from these in the comment section. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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