How To How To Reset Internet Settings Of All Networks In Android Tips & Tricks

How To Reset Internet Settings Of All Networks In Android

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If your internet is not working, then follow my steps and rest internet settings.


How To Set the Internet Without Rest?

If you are done you any package of internet and your internet is not working or any file you want to download and it is not downloading. Simple open airplane mode and wait for 10 seconds and close it.

Reset Internet Settings

If your internet speed is slow and you are not satisfied with it then simply follow these steps to boost your internet speed.

1 > Open settings on your mobile.

2 > Click On Dual SIM & Cellular Networks.

3 > Now open select SIM and click on it.

4 > Simple Click Access Point Name.

5 > As you can see now the access points installed on your mobile.

6 > Click On Three Dots and rest settings.

Once your access points rest, you can simply contact with SIM helpline number and say to customer cares worker to resend internet access points to your number. After receiving internet settings simply install and power off your device. After that simply open your mobile and enjoy the fast internet experience.

These settings work on all mobile phones. I hope you understand this article. If you have any questions then please let me about it. Share these articles with your friends.

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